Considering that Adam took over 130 pictures of London restaurants we ate at, it was only natural that we start chronicling our thoughts and opinions about the food we eat. We've totally become accidental foodies. It all started out when Sheila started calling Adam "the human trash compactor"; since he eats almost anything. But somewhere along the way we started having discussions about food and seeking out culinary adventures when on travel. We bring a unique perspective to this arena as we're both vegetarians (no meat, poultry, or fish). I suspect we will both have varying opinions on the food, and hope to not only have a record for posterity, but provide some fun, useful if not amateur insight.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

mock chicken, really?

The thought of mock chicken, soyrizo, or tofurky doesn't quite resonate as appetizing in my book. But as I learned recently, don't mock it until you've tried it! We always been the adventurous foodie and I've been the conservative human trash compactor. So when she first brought home leftover from Merit Vegetarian in Sunnyvale, I was bewildered. After some coercing, I had a bite of her gourmet mock chicken and the rest of history.

Of all places for vegan friendly joint, you would not expect Westfield SF. However, there stands Loving Hut amongst the familiar favorites Out the Door, Pasta Moto, SF Soup Co, and Bistro Burger. It's outpost of the fast growing chain of 15 or so restaurants, only serving family style Southeast Asian inspired creations.

Ever time we're in the Union Square area and headed home on BART, S and I contemplate if we should eat there. Suffice to say we have succumb and it has become our guilty pleasure. We always order the same thing - the two item combo of sweet and sour chicken, lemongrass tofu, and fried rice. I happen to love combining both dishes into one as the sweat and sour sauce is a great compliment to the earthy flavors of the lemongrass. The gluten nuggets mixed with pineapples, peppers, and onions is not overpowering with spice (i.e. no post mean heartburn). I could eat the entire plate, but that would feed the myth of my human trash compactor status.

It took me a white to realize that benefit of gluten, seitan, and tofu are great substitutes for protein in my diet. I definitely feel the love at Loving Hut, it no frills and seems to be doing well. There's an outpost in Chintown several others scattered around Nor Cal. We didn't think it could survive in a mainstream mall like Westfields, but six months later there she stands. If it takes more than three visit to a restaurant before elevated to "regulars" status, we should be added to their christmas card list!

Take a chance, be adventurous, try Loving Hut. I did and feel so much better for it.

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